Residential (6400 Regulations)

DSCF2315Superior Human Services, Inc (SHS) opened our first residential site in 2011 in the community of Hastings, PA.  Since then, SHS has opened 8 more residential sites and currently has 1 location in Hastings, PA,  7 in Northern Cambria, PA, and 1 in St. Boniface, PA.  Superior Human Services, Inc currently has 9 residential sites with the hopes of expanding in the future.  We currently provide residential services to 15 individuals.

Although the sites are currently located in Cambria County, the individuals that we serve are from several counties throughout the state of PA.  To date, we have served individuals from the following counties: 

  • Cambria
  • Armstrong/Indiana
  • Westmoreland
  • Crawford
  • Huntington/Mifflin/Juniata
  • Clarion 

 At Superior Human Services, Inc, it is our goal that the individuals that reside in our community-based homes get the opportunity to live the fullest life possible and also function as an active member of the community.  The individuals that reside with us get the opportunity to participate in many community activities, such as local festivals and amusement parks, just to name two.  The individuals are part of everyday living when it comes to living in the community, such as doing the grocery shopping for the house, cleaning the house, decorating the house, and much more!!!  Each house is geared towards the individuals that reside there and programs are created to fit the needs of each individual specifically.

Superior Human Services, Inc is regulated by the Office of Developmental Programs and the Department of Public Welfare.     The Office of Developmental Programs strictly regulates community-based  agencies under the Chapter 6400 Regulations and all sites get licensed annually.